Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Building a Table

Today, my four-year-old taught me how to build a table.

First, you take the milk crate that Mom has filled with hats, scarves and mittens and you dump out the contents.

Then, you take four scraps of wood of similar lengths out of Daddy's workshop.

Place the wooden "legs" through the corner holes in the milk crate.

Borrow one of Mom's tin signs and place it on top of the four legs.

Finally, pull up a chair and enjoy your new table!

Today, I was inspired by her ingenuity. She was determined to build a table. She walked around with her tools looking for inspiration. Several attempts failed but she persisted. In the end, she was so proud of her table. Her little brother enjoyed it too... it's just the right size for him and she was willing to share. Everyone wins!

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