Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rice Fun

We're waiting for the weather to cooperate so that the kids can consistently play in their new sand and water table. Until then, I was inspired to try an idea I've wanted to try for a long time. I dyed rice!

I followed this recipe . It was super easy and it turned out great.

I spread out a sheet on the kitchen floor, put the rice in a container, and let the kids at it. I gave them mini shovels and plastic Easter eggs to use for scooping, pouring and making music shakers.

I think they could play in this stuff for hours!!! They played with it very well together. They scooped and poured together without fighting. They loved the feel of it running through their fingers. If fact, I love this sensation too. It's a great sensory activity.

I'm definitely going to need a bigger container. I've got 25 pound of rice just waiting to be played in!!! Next fall, the sand and water table is going to emptied of sand and brought inside to our playroom. This is going to be part of our winter sensory play.

I just had to share this last picture. Being that it's rice, it just had to be tasted. Thankfully, it's all edible! I don't think he'll be trying that again anytime soon!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nature Table Additions

A sure sign that Spring is on it's way... Pussy willows on our nature table!

Recently, we were able to enjoy a beautiful Spring day. It was warm enough to only don our jackets and it wasn't raining. Perfect! I love Spring walks. It fills me with such joy to be able to emerge from winter's hibernation and go out and explore with my kiddos. We love looking for signs that Spring is preparing to release itself. Pussy willows are one of those signs for me. They signal that Spring is nearly here.

My bird loving kiddos were more than pleased to find some feathers to add to the nature table as well. They fit in perfectly with the nests and eggs that I made for the kids' Easter Baskets. One nest is made out of yarn, loosely following this idea. The other is made from a hallowed out avocado. I made two yarn nests but I was pretty sure my son would destroy his. They need to be handled gingerly... not a talent he is yet to possess! So, after making guacamole, I popped a hallowed out half of an avocado into my dehydrator on a whim. It actually turned out! ::shock:: They eggs are simple wooden eggs from the craft store painted with acrylic paints to look like Blue Jay and Robin eggs - two regular visitors at our backyard bird feeders. My daughter loves matching them up to the pictures of eggs in her bird book, but now she wants me to make eggs for each species in her book. Hmmm, I might need to recruit a certain 4-year-old to help me tackle that project. We'll see...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sand and Water Table

A family friend was recently looking for a home for their no-longer-used sand and water table. Thankfully, they thought of us!

Yes, my kiddos have been out there playing in the sand with hats and gloves on. They LOVE it. Cold weather isn't going to stop them!!! My daughter keeps asking, "Is it warm enough to put water in it yet?"

They like it so much better than their more traditional sandbox that rests on the ground. This one is raised and it is a lot easier for them to use standing up...especially for the 1 year old. A lot less mess for Mom too since they're not sitting in the sand!

We are going to be getting so much use out of this when summer comes. I think we'll clean it out in the fall and use it though out the winter inside as a sensory table in their playroom.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My April Fool

My husband is such a good sport. I put him through so much heck for my own enjoyment. April Fool's Day would be one one of those times.

It's such a fun holiday. You get a free pass to annoy those around you and then laugh at their annoyance.

Today my hubby awoke and stumbled half asleep into the shower to find the showerhead turned upside down. As in, spraying at the ceiling instead of at the tub.

April Fools!

Then, he got to find that his underwear had switched places with his t-shirts.

April Fools!

In addition to his regular lunch, his lunchbox included a tupperware bowl full of crepe paper and a pair of fingernail clippers. Yummy!

April Fools!

He couldn't drink out of his waterbottle at work because there was saranwrap pulled tight under the lid. He said this one got him the best.

April Fools!

Yep, I know I'm mean. But did I have fun? You bet. Did he have fun? Well, he certainly had a smile on his face as he retold his frustration with each encounter. I think he can tolerate it for a day but he's thankful it doesn't last all year!