Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sand and Water Table

A family friend was recently looking for a home for their no-longer-used sand and water table. Thankfully, they thought of us!

Yes, my kiddos have been out there playing in the sand with hats and gloves on. They LOVE it. Cold weather isn't going to stop them!!! My daughter keeps asking, "Is it warm enough to put water in it yet?"

They like it so much better than their more traditional sandbox that rests on the ground. This one is raised and it is a lot easier for them to use standing up...especially for the 1 year old. A lot less mess for Mom too since they're not sitting in the sand!

We are going to be getting so much use out of this when summer comes. I think we'll clean it out in the fall and use it though out the winter inside as a sensory table in their playroom.


  1. This is a great table. My little people loves this table. We, however, do not use the umbrella. "I" is way too interested in it...he takes it off and uses it as an umbrella...he swings it around, etc. So not worth the hassles of his intrigue so it is stored away.

    Hope the kids have fund with the table all summer long and then some.

  2. We had a similiar experience with the umbrella. We'll see how long it lasts!