Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rice Fun

We're waiting for the weather to cooperate so that the kids can consistently play in their new sand and water table. Until then, I was inspired to try an idea I've wanted to try for a long time. I dyed rice!

I followed this recipe . It was super easy and it turned out great.

I spread out a sheet on the kitchen floor, put the rice in a container, and let the kids at it. I gave them mini shovels and plastic Easter eggs to use for scooping, pouring and making music shakers.

I think they could play in this stuff for hours!!! They played with it very well together. They scooped and poured together without fighting. They loved the feel of it running through their fingers. If fact, I love this sensation too. It's a great sensory activity.

I'm definitely going to need a bigger container. I've got 25 pound of rice just waiting to be played in!!! Next fall, the sand and water table is going to emptied of sand and brought inside to our playroom. This is going to be part of our winter sensory play.

I just had to share this last picture. Being that it's rice, it just had to be tasted. Thankfully, it's all edible! I don't think he'll be trying that again anytime soon!!!

1 comment:

  1. The rice is alot of fun!
    That rice bag is huge! Huge I tell ya!
    Love that last pic...he is so adorable and those lips!!!