Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pony Express

So, I was sorting through a box of old stuff. You know, that stuff that has no where to go so it finds it's way into a box and gets tucked away and forgotten? I'm sure I'm the only one with that problem, right? Hmmm.

Well, I came across a book of stamps. Considering the rate went up yesterday to $.44, I think I'm gonna need a few 1 cent stamps to get me through. That's 12 one cent stamps to be exact - for each stinkin' envelope. Gag! I need 240 one cent stamps to go with this one book of 20 stamps. Yikes!

They sure are pretty though. Perfect for spring!

D' ya think the Post Office will give me matching 1 centers since the whole envelope is gonna be covered by the 13 stamps needed to mail it?!?!?

Perhaps I should just hang onto these for another year or so. With the speed at which the post office has been increasing their rates lately, it won't be long until two of these oldies will be at the going rate. How long do you think it will be before it costs $.64 to mail a letter? I hate to admit it but I'll probably be around to see that day. I'll look at the young whipper snapper mail carrier and say, "Back in my day, I remember when one of these beauties was all that was needed to mail a letter." The mail carrier will look at me and imagine I'm talking of the days that a rider on a pony delivered the mail.

That, you see, is how my mind wanders. A box of old junk brings me to the Pony Express. So, the lesson here is that I need to deal with my junk in a timely fashion. Oh, but stuffing all that junk in boxes is just so much easier that dealing with it!

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