Monday, June 15, 2009

They've Flown the Coop

Remember the nest and eggs that we've been watching? Well, they hatched!

We have had so much fun observing, journaling, and reading about Robins!

The babies could be best observed through the space between the floorboards of our deck. The above picture was a common sight at our house. My bird-loving girl sure did enjoy our visitors. Whenever she would peek down on them, they would do this...

They seemed to think that she was their Momma and were looking for food from her. She LOVED this and did indeed want to feed them. But, look Momma, they want me to feed them! (No, I didn't let her.) She learned that if she found a place a safe distance away from the nest to observe, she could watch them get fed by both of their parents. Did you know both Robin parents return to the nest to feed the babies?!?!? We did not know this but we actually were able to observed both parents at the nest at the same time. That was cool.

Well, as you can see in the pictures, there were three baby Robins. Now, however, there are none. The babies have left the nest. While my little ones are sad that their feathered friends are gone, it sure was an exciting adventure. And, in a unique blessing of well-timed nature, on the day that the birds left the nest, a caterpillar that we had collected from our backyard made a chrysalis in the jar that we were observing it in. One nature observation ending and another one just beginning!

We learned so much about Robins. Here is a link to a great site with tons of information on the American Robin. Enjoy!


  1. How fun! Your backyard is most certainly a nature journal waiting to happen! Hmm...what can I do with my kiddos in our backyard? Birds - yes. Dogs- yes. Mosquitoes - soon to be yes. What else... hehe.
    I am glad she had fun watching the birds. El loves birds, did you know that?

  2. "Soon to be" on the mosquitos... I wish I could say that! We are swamped with them. They are unbearable over here. That is by far the worst thing about where we live... even worse than the school system :). Uggh.

    To add to your list of wildlife in your backyard, I'd add ants. Surely you have them and we love watching them. They really are quite busy little creatures. We are always impressed by the loads that they carry! There are also experiments that you can try to see what they are attracted to and what lines they will cross. Fun stuff.

    I did not know about El and birds but it doesn't surprise me. My daughter is following right in her footsteps on so many things (birds, ecclectic dress, fairies, and more). Hmmm, perhaps they have a genentic connection?