Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eric Carle Inspired Art

We love Eric Carle at our house! Today my daughter made a picture inspired by his work. She sat down at her desk and initiated this project all on her own! She was having trouble cutting out the shapes as she wanted them so she asked me to cut out a heart and a flower. (At this point, I still had no idea what she was creating.) She decided that the flower looked more like a cloud. (I agree.) She cut out her own mountain. She colored all three pieces and glued them on the paper. She then drew two people. She says that this picture is of "Mommy and me climbing a mountain on a cloudy day because we love each other."

Eric Carle, mountain climbing, and loving her mommy all in one picture...be still my heart!!!


  1. ahh... you changed your layout. I really like this one!

    I think it is so cool that your super sweet daughter is creating art based on books she has read. I think that is soooo cool! We are still in the scribble stage here in this home but one day soon we will be creating as your dd is! How fun!

  2. Yes, one day soon. That day will be here before you know it!!!