Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Kiddos!

I did a little sewing of some softies for my kiddos for Valentine's day. I used a quarter of a yard of two discounted Valentine's prints that I had found. A nice inexpensive project!

My son received a Valentine's guitar and LOVED it! My mother-in-law helped me a little on stitching the bottom together to close it up after stuffing it. I had to stuff it really full to get the neck to stand up. That made me question how strong my hand-stitching would be. She came to the rescue and helped me out.

Here's how the front looks...

And the back...

My daughter got a heart person. She says it's very "cuddly" and named her "Alecia." I had no problem with this one and I just top-stitched around the whole thing to reinforce the arms and legs and to close the opening.

Here's the front...

And the back...

The face on the heart and the sound hole and the bridge were all painted with fabric paint on freezer paper stencils. The letters on the back of the heart are adhesive felt. These are the first real softies that I have made and I am pleased with how they turned out. (Except for the fact that one arm is on upside down!)

Happy Valentine's Day, Kiddos! I love you on every day of the year... it's just fun to play with our love on this lovey-dovey holiday!!!


  1. are crafty. I really love these softies but most especially the guitar.