Monday, February 23, 2009

Save Those Valentine's Candy Boxes!

If your valentine gave you a box of chocolates, don't throw out the box!!! Last year, I ended up with a collection of boxes (not from my valentine!). I used them to make two games.

One is a counting game with heart clips and dice.

Roll the dice and clip the number of clips that corresponds with the number on the dice.

My daughter has loved this game and has even been doing basic addition by adding the clips from one side with the clips from the other.

The second game is one that my husband made. I saw this idea somewhere and he thought he could make it. It's a wooden puzzle heart.

The pieces fit inside the heart box for storage.

Sorry the pictures are turned again. I can't figure out why blogger sometimes turns them!


  1. This is a fun counting game! I love the wood puzzle. How long did it take your hubby to make this puzzle? Tell him, great job.

  2. Thanks! It didn't take him too long...a couple evenings after work. I'll tell him you like it!