Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today the kids and I went to the park to meet Daddy for his lunch break. While we were there, we saw ducks and geese in the water. The one year old was fascinated with the waterfowl. Thankfully, the playground area is fenced in so that he can look at the water without wandering to it.

Currently, we are signing a lot to our little guy. His big sister thinks this is great fun! He grunts and points to what he sees and we try to provide the sign for it. Our daughter knows a lot of signs but today we realized that none of us knew (or remembered) the sign for goose. I am sure that we learned it but we must have forgotten it. So, while we were at the park, all the geese were "ducks" since that was the closest sign that we knew.

When we got home, we quickly got out our sign language dictionary and learned the sign for goose...

Then, the funniest thing happened. Every time she does the sign for goose, our daughter covers up her face with her arm while she attempts to make the sign.

Why? Take a look at the page in the sign language book.

All the other pictures have heads on the person signing. For some reason, the goose picture is headless. So, she figured she would make the goose head her own.

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