Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rockin' like a Big Kid

Today, I learned that my one year old can climb onto the rocking chair in his room all by himself. He can climb on the couch and other chairs that are stationary but every time he's tried to climb on the rocking chair, he turns away. As soon as he touches it, it glides and he doesn't even attempt to climb it.

That all changed today.

His sister was sitting in the rocking chair reading a book. He grabbed a book for himself, toddled over to the rocking chair and climbed right up to be with her. He wiggled his little bottom into a spot beside her and proceeded to read in the rocker just like his big sister. Bless her heart, his big sister took the book that he had brought with and "read" it to him. The contented smile on his face let us all know that that was his intention all along. He wanted to climb up and have his big sister "read" him a book.

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