Thursday, October 16, 2008


I saw this idea for Boo Garland and thought I would give it a try. The link has free clip-art letters that you can download. I tried that and was having trouble, so I just used my own Word fonts and printed off the letters. So incredibly easy! Just think of all the garland you could make for each holiday. I already know that I am making one that says "JOY" for Christmas. Wouldn't "THANKS" be a great reminder for Thanksgiving. It's a great way to interest my 4 year old in letters and words. She thinks it's pretty cool that she can spell BOO!


  1. This is very cute! This would be great in my home as well!
    I really like the idea of using "Thanks" for Thanksgiving...the whole month of November!

    Another good idea would be using my 5yo's name...hang it in his room or elsewhere to help with one of his recognition! if I can find the time and true...true desire to utilize the time on this wonderful, simple project.

  2. Great idea for the kiddos names. It truly is easy to do. I'm going to take your idea and make some for mine. I'll send a set your way.

  3. Hi there! Thanks so much for mentioning the garland! I'm really touched! Please, can you tell me what trouble you had with the letters? Because I'd really like to make sure it works for everyone, and if I can fix it, I will! Thanks so much.
    ~Angela :-)

  4. Angela,
    I'll email you to explain in detail but the problem is on my end not yours! Thanks for the great idea!