Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stack of Books

Once upon a time, a stack of books could totally stress me out.

Take, for example, my freshman year of college. I wandered all around campus for several hours looking for the bookstore. I could have asked where it was but I was too embarrassed, too shy, too proud to admit that I couldn't find it.

After finally finding the bookstore, With the help of two very kind upper classmen girls, I nearly broke my back lugging all those books to the cash register. Then, I nearly fainted when the cashier rang up my total. Yes, indeed, that was a BIG shock! After forking over the money, I hauled by load of books out to my beat up Dodge Omni, placed them in the passengers seat, locked the door, closed the door and walked around to get in the driver's door.

It was then that I realized that my keys were setting on the passenger's seat next to that enormous pile of books. Crap. I just locked the door!

Campus security tried unsuccessfully to open the door before calling the police who were also unsuccessful at opening the door. Finally, the police officer offered to drive me to my off campus residence in his patrol car to retrieve my spare set of keys. He told me the only problem was that if he receive a call that he had to attend to, he would have to drop me off on the side of the road. I rolled the dice and took the free ride home. Not too difficult to choose when your choices are 1. a free ride or 2. break the window.

When the whole fiasco was over, I remember looking at the stack of books and just feeling so bitter about them. They had caused me so much pain...physically, financially, and my pride was hurt too. I vividly remember picking up the book titled Hermeneutical Spiral and just laughing at the entire situation. I was laughing because it was the only thing keeping that homesick freshman that I was from crying.

So, that long story is to document just how much pain a pile of books can cause.

Not today though. Today, I look at that enormous pile of books and I long to read each one. I envision many relaxing hours curled up on the couch with a warm drink diving into each book. I haven't had that many new-to-me books at one time since college. I learned today that I no longer loath a pile of books, I embrace it!

In the last week, I have accumulated 10 new books! And, I am thrilled about each one.

5 were received as very thoughtful birthday gifts.

1 came in the mail as part of my MOPS membership.

2 are on loan from a friend who is a former pre-school teacher.

2 are from our church used book sale. ($1 per book...yippee!)

I look at this pile and I am filled with anticipation. I long to read each book RIGHT NOW. Where do I start? Should I read more than one at a time? Which do I pick? The fiction? The craft book? The cookbook? The inspirational? The factual? The educational? Such tough decisions...much better than the stack that sat locked in my Dodge Omni!

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved a good book. It's just the piles of books waiting to be read that used to intimidate me.

By the way, I don't recommend The Hermeneutical Spiral unless you need some serious help for insomnia.

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  1. So... you will have to tell me about them all as you finish them. Maria Montessori looks impressive and overwhelming to me. The Rock one looks interesting same with the history one. You know, we love rocks here so impart your knowledge as you gain it...please.

    Have fun reading!