Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tonight I went to a Michael W. Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman concert. They are on tour together. It's called The United Tour. It was an amazing concert! I have seen both artists separately on several occasions. I even met Michael W. Smith a few years back...but that's another story!
Being a PK, I've been to a lot of Christian concerts and this was like none that I have ever been to before! First of all, seeing two pioneers in contemporary Christian Music together on the same stage was amazing. They both exhibited such respect for each other. Secondly, both of them had a son playing in the band. The son of MWS was playing keyboards and SCC's son was playing guitar. How cool is it that they have passed on their talent and love of music to their children. Finally, I have never cried so much at a concert. Chapman spent a great deal of time sharing his personal struggle after the loss of his daughter earlier this year. He was very open and honest. I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience.
I find it hard to write reviews. However, I found this review online and it really captures the essence of the concert.
The most memorable moment of the concert was when Stephen Curtis Chapman sang "Cinderella." If you haven't heard this song, go now and listen to it. It is life changing. It makes me want to strive to hold my little ones just a little tighter and let those moments linger just a little longer.

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