Sunday, October 5, 2008

Terrible Two's

I teach Sunday School at our church. Last year, I taught in the 3 year old room. This year, I was switched to the 2 year old room. Let me just say, what a difference a year makes!!!

Imagine, in a classroom room with 6 two year olds, trying to teach them a bible story about God creating light and dark. Imagine the lights dimmed and a flashlight being used to illustrate the dark and light concept. Now imagine me sitting these 6 angels down to play with play dough to illustrate how our hands can create just like God created. Now, imagine me giving all the children a black piece of construction paper and white chalk to draw with to illustrate God creating the light in the dark sky.
Can you imagine it? I thought I could. It seemed like the perfect plan for 2 year olds. I was wrong!

Here's what I learned from my day in the 2 year old classroom...

  • Having a helper would be real handy.
  • 2 year olds don't stay in one place for long.

  • 2 year olds think play dough is edible.

  • 2 year olds can't focus when their environment changes drastically. (ie. lights out/flashlight on)

  • 2 year olds want their own flashlight.

  • 2 year olds think chalk is edible.
  • 2 year olds don't realize that chalk shatters when it's thrown across the room.
  • 2 year olds think sharing is grabbing a toy from another kid and running in the opposite direction.

  • 2 year olds are, well, 2 year olds.

Now, I've learned my lesson...hopefully. I had a super fun time with them but, boy am I exhausted! Next week, I'll be back in there again with a new plan in place.


  1. How soon we forget what a 2 year old is like! You will soon (yep time will fly) be living it daily as I am now! hehe

  2. Yeah, I sure have forgotted what it's like!!! It seems like ages ago!

    I was think of you as I typed that post. You are living it every day and I will be soon. Any ideas how to make time stop?!?!?