Sunday, July 27, 2008

Demolition Derby

I have always loved the Demolition Derby. It is by far my favorite event of the fair. I remember sitting with my childhood friend screaming for our favorite car to bash the others and drive away victorious.

In 1997, I drove in the Demolition Derby. My soon-to-be fiance was in the passenger's seat with me. As the adrenalin flooded through our veins, all we were thinking about was crashing into other cars and avoiding getting crushed ourselves.
We weren't thinking about the fact that the following year we would be married or that, in the years that followed, we would bring children into the world. We were focused on crushing cars and not breaking any major parts of our own bodies.
Today, we sat at that same arena for the last time to watch the final Demolition Derby at our Fair's current location. We sat as spectators and introduced our children to the competition that holds strong memories for my husband and I. The children loved it! Our daughter sat on Daddy's lap and watched with fascination as the crushing began. Our son sat on my lap and grinned from ear to ear at each crash of the cars.

I felt fully the impact of time as I saw the smiles on my children's faces as they enjoyed the crashing of the cars. It felt like only yesterday that my hubby and I were in that arena in a Demolition Derby car filled with adrenalin. Today we are married and holding our children... telling them the story of Mommy driving in the Demo Derby and Daddy bravely sitting at my side, completely trusting my driving. Eleven years have passed since that day. A wedding and two children are the major events since then. Sitting in that arena for the last time, sharing a story of our past made me realize just how quickly time flies by.

My daughter decided that she wanted to drive in the Demolition Derby when she is old enough. She wants Mommy to be her passenger. I told her that in 11 years Mommy and Daddy will be teaching her to drive. Then it hit me... In the amount of time that has passed since we drove the Demo, our daughter will be on a driver's permit. Whoa!

I gotta hug that little girl in pigtails. I gotta snuggle with that chubby little baby. Before I know it, they will be off on their own adventures, making memories to share with their children.

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