Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pizza Pasta

My hubby and I came up with the easiest pasta recipe ever! I had to bring a salad to a pool playdate with some of my old co-workers and their children today. I generally don't like salads that are anything beyond fruit salads or lettuce salads. Someone else had already volunteered to make those. I just don't like the taste of mayo or vinegar and most salads have one or the other of those 2 ingredients. As I was lamenting about what I was going to make, my hubby suggested we just make our own. This is hard for me. I'm a follow-the-recipe kind of girl. But then, he started talking about what we could add and in the end we came up with a pretty good recipe and I even liked it. We're calling it "Pasta Salad...Pizza Style" or "Pizza Pasta." It is made up of the ingredients that would generally be put on a pizza. You could vary the recipe with whatever you like to top your pizza with. Here's the recipe with no amounts for the ingredients because we just kept adding until it looked right!

Mix together...Bow tie pasta (cooked), sliced pepperoni, black olives, cherry tomato halves, shredded cheese, and Italian dressing.

That's it. I know that the Italian dressing has vinegar but I didn't add too much. It was tolerable for me. Everyone seemed to like it and my hubby really likes it. We may even make it again for 4th of July at my In-laws house. Yummy, I know I will make this recipe again.

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