Friday, July 25, 2008

Hangin' With the Goats

Look at that face! Isn't he cute?

I've loved goats since I was a child. They are definitely my favorite farm animal. I heard a farmer joking once about how good goats are at mowing a lawn. I have this vague memory of him saying that a homeowner wouldn't even need a lawn mower if they had a goat. I thought that was a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, my father did not. I tried every childhood tactict I could muster to convince him that if we had a goat, we wouldn't need that noisy old lawn mower. He, in turn, reminded me of the byproduct the goats would leave behind after eating all that grass. Hmmm, maybe not such a good plan.

Well, I never abandoned the idea. My husband knows all about by hair brained idea of getting a goat to mow our lawn. They are so much cuter than that ugly machine that we currently use. I'm pretty sure that our city has an ordinance against having livestock in your backyard. But, I tell you, the moment someone gives me a green light, I'm getting me a goat. Today I decided what kind I want... a Nubian Dairy Goat. I fell in love with one at the fair today. My friend works in the goat barn and encouraged our children to pet the Nubians because they are quite friendly. This one would nudge us with her head whenever we stopped petting her. Both kids adored her and her big old floppy ears.

I learned today that the Nubians are the ones with the very long, floppy ears. They are one of the larger breeds of goats and their milk tends to be higher in protein and butter fat than other breeds. AND, most importantly, I learned that they are cute and friendly!

I definitely need to get me a goat!

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