Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Garden Dinner

Oh, the satisfaction! Tonight we had dinner strongly influenced by our garden. We had Pesto Steak on the Grill with a side of Whole Grain Spiral Pasta tossed with pesto and tomatoes. The basil for the pesto and the tomatoes were picked from our garden by the Daddy/Daughter gardening team.

Mmmm, it was so yummy! Our whole house smells of basil. Fresh from the garden, it's scent was amazingly strong. The kids both gobbled up dinner. They especially loved the pesto and tomato pasta.

We didn't follow a recipe, so I learned a little about collaborating with my hubby and being creative without a recipe as a guide. I don't cook steak. I don't much care for it except when I am pregnant (which I am not). So, my dear hubby was patient and taught me how to grill a steak to perfection - well, nearly perfection.

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