Thursday, August 14, 2008

Filling in the Nature Tent

Back in May, we made a Nature Tent using Pole Beans and Sweet Peas. The lady at the greenhouse told us that we could plant both together and we would have flowers from the Sweet Peas (bearing no veggies) and we would get beans from the Pole Beans. Here's how our tent looks today...

It is so bushy, the kids can barely squeeze in under it's leafy canopy! Next year, we'll have to make it bigger.

Of the two different kinds of seeds that we planted, one has been growing very well and one has not done so great. We've had little flowers on the plant that has grown and climbed everywhere. I assumed that this was the flowering Sweet Peas. The other plant is sort of bushy at the bottom of the tent but hasn't climbed much. I assumed that this was our pole beans and I also assumed that we wouldn't have a very good harvest of beans because of this.

These tiny white flowers cover much of the successful plant. They are tiny, sweet little white flowers. Our daughter loves to count as many of these as she can find on her nature tent. She even climbs inside to see if there are any hiding on the underside. It was on one of these counting trips inside the tent that she found this...

...BEANS!!! Upon closer inspection, we have little beans starting to form all over the tent! We are so excited. Ooooh, we can hardly wait for them to get big enough to eat!

So, now I know what the difference between Pole Beans and Sweet Peas is!

By the way, the picture at the top of the post is one of our daily visitor sto the Nature Tent. We see red dragonflies there all the time.

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