Saturday, August 9, 2008

Professional Portraits

Today I learned that the best laid plans don't always turn out the way that you had planned. We went for professional pictures today and we scheduled them for 12:30. The baby could take a morning nap, we'd have lunch and we'd get the pictures in before afternoon nap time. Baby napped, tummies full...yep, it sounded like a good plan. Good in theory, not in execution.

We had the hardest time getting smiles out of the little guy. He was so serious. He was very fascinated with all that was going on around him but not into smiling at a strange lady behind a camera. I have to say, that the studio did a great job trying to get good shots. They even brought in another photographer to try to help get some smiles out of him. It was tough! Here's a taste of what some of our shots look like...

The photographer did take over 70 shots and we did get some good ones. We finally got out of there well after 3:00. Naps were missed and all 4 of us were quite grouchy! But the pictures were done!!!

Another lesson I learned was to ask about coupons. I had brought some with me and wasn't going to bring them out because we had decided to go with one of their in-studio specials. The lady saw that I had the coupon in my bag and asked me about them. It turns out that many of them could be combined. We got our sitting fee waved, a free 10X13, and a CD with all of the images and a copyright release. I was giddy with excitement, we got all of that plus a bunch of prints, two collages and 10 photo enhancements all for just a little more that the price of the CD alone. Yep, I was quite happy! The day, although wearisome, turned out OK.

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