Thursday, August 7, 2008

Faith, Family, and Hope

This evening my hubby and I watched Larry King Live. He interviewed Stephen Curtis Chapman and his family. They spoke of the recent tragedy in their family. Earlier this year, they lost their daughter, Maria, in a terrible accident. If you didn't see the show, you can read the transcript.
I was so touched by this interview. The family clearly was still grieving but despite their grief, you could see that their faith was so evident in every word they said. They spoke with such passion and you could truly see that they were sharing their heart.

Some of the things that really touched me were:
  • As he is being driven away from the house to meet the LifeFlight Helicopter at the hospital, Steven Curtis Chapman has the person driving stop the car, SCC rolls down the window and yells out to his devastated son, "Will Franklin, your father loves you!" What a beautiful lesson: Despite the pain, fear, and devastation that he was experiencing, he was able to look at his son and recognize that his pain was even greater than his own and pause for a moment to express his love and forgiveness. That is powerful!
  • A quote from SCC's wife, Mary Beth: "...when it got to the darkest, darkest point, and we went as far down as we could, we might not have even landed feet up, might have landed right on our face, but the foundation was solid and it was there. And we landed and it's a day at a time. " Wow, to have such a strong foundation that not even the death of a child can shake it. I want to strive for that!
  • There was a video of the oldest son, Caleb, at the memorial service. Here is the quote from him, "...we prayed for healing for Maria. But he healed her in a way that we all didn't like. But he's going to heal my brother in a way that I think we're all going to like a lot." The lesson of hope is so evident here. Instead of anger and blame. Caleb does not point an accusatory finger at his younger brother, he holds on to hope that God will restore their family and that that restoration will be a beautiful transformation.
  • Seeing Will sit there surrounded by a family that loves and supports him. Many times, you see a tragedy such as this tear a family apart. Not here. I can only pray that I be reminded of this lesson in the years that come. Adversity and trial will come. Instead of clinging to anger, resentment, and guilt, I hope that I can cling to faith, family, and hope.

I am deeply moved by the beauty of a family setting down together during their darkest hour to give hope to others. This did not seem like a publicity stunt to me. It seemed like a family that wanted to share their hope and faith so that others, when faced with similar tragedy, can cling to that same faith to sustain them.

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