Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Piano Bench Climber

Today, I learned that my little guy can climb up onto the piano bench - all by himself!

His big sister was playing (banging) the piano, something she does a lot. He usually crawls over, stands up and reaches up for the keys. He has been perfectly content playing this way...until today. He worked and worked at getting his little legs up there until he had wiggled and hoisted his body up onto the piano bench. He was so-o-o proud of himself when he make it up there. He turned and gave and enormous smile that said, "Look what I did, mama! Look how high I am! Oooh, I get to play up here with my sister!" He was indeed a proud little boy and his sister was equally proud of him!

Once situated, they banged and banged away on our old rickety piano making beautiful music for their mommy!

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