Saturday, August 16, 2008

Walking Toys

Last month, during the County Fair, our little boy really enjoyed riding on the push tractors in my Agricultural Education building. Lately, he has been trying to ride his sister's tricycle or bicycle, both of which are too big for him. We thought that he could try to ride on the tricycle but he is too unsteady and has had a few tumbles off of it. I began thinking that we should consider looking for a reasonably priced (ie. garage sale) pedal-less ride-on toy.

Yesterday, while my mom and daughter and I were out, our route took us by the fair. I instantly had a solution. I have two ride-on toys that sit in storage for a year. They only get used for one week the entire year. We could use one of those and have it back in time for next summer's fair. I swung by and picked it up.

He LOVE, LOVE, LOVES that silly little toy! Although he isn't using it much for riding on. He is using it to practice walking. It has a handle in back so that kids can push it. He loves holding onto that handle and walking all over with it. I had no idea that this toy would be a tool for helping him learn to walk!

The only time he stops is to point out the airplanes that fly over. The boy does love those airplanes!

It won't be long before my baby is walking...YIKES!

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