Monday, August 25, 2008

Gas Mileage Calculator

Hubby and I are trying to plan a family vacation. There are so many things to consider when deciding where to go. Cost? Plane, train, or automobile? Cost? How long can the kids sit in the car? Cost? How many potty breaks will be need? Cost? Should we just stay close to home? Cost? How far away can we go and not lose our sanity? Did I mention...COST?!?!?

We had a little discussion about the cost of airline tickets and the cost of gas. With the current outrageous price of gas, we were curious if flying would actually be more cost effective than driving. This curiosity led my husband to find online sites that actually calculate how much you will spend on gas based on where you start and end, your car, current gas prices, and what type of gas you get. Drive Pricing has an easy one to use. If you don't know your MPG, it links you to to figure it out. What a great tool!

On my search, I also found this handy tool. You click on your state. Then, you click on the city closest to where you live and it will give you the prices of gas a various gas stations in the area. Pretty cool.

So, what did we decide? Our final decision had nothing to do with gas and everything to do with having children. We are going on vacation close to home for the pure reason of saving our sanity. What use is a vacation if it stress the family out so much that you need a vacation to recover from the vacation? As long as we have fun as a family, the distance from home doesn't matter.

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