Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pikkolo Side Carry

For Christmas last year, my husband gave me a Pikkolo baby carrier. He's a great husband to even consider such a gift but it wasn't all his own doing. He had quite a bit of hinting from me and help from a babywearing friend...thanks, Deanna! In my opinion, it's the best baby carrier in the least of the carriers that I have tried and I've tried quite a few...thanks again to that very special friend!
Well, I use the carrier a lot. It is my "go-to" carrier. When we're leaving to go somewhere, my hubby or daughter will inevitably ask, "Did you bring the Pikkolo?" The baby will even get a huge grin, crawl over and hold his hands up to be picked up when he sees me take it out.
I've used it for front and back carries. It is amazingly easy to put on and very adjustable. It is comfortable for extended periods and has sufficient padding for the shoulders. It distributes his weight quite well. Many people have asked me if my back hurts after wearing him for a long time and it doesn't. I'm comfortable and so is he. It's just perfect. Thanks honey!
Well, as I said, I've used it for back and front carries. I've never used it for a hip carry. I had tried but couldn't figure it out. Well, today I found instructions for the hip carry on CatBird Baby's website. I was so excited to try it. It will take a little practice, but I was very happy with how comfortable it is for both of us. The baby seemed really content that he had more room to move his arms around. He was able to see in front of me and behind. That seemed to make him happy.
I do need to work on positioning him a bit better. With him in this position, it felt a little like my hip bone was digging into an area that could cause a little boy a bit of discomfort. I'm going to try to wear him a little higher and a little lower to see if that fixes the problem. I hope it does because I do want grandchildren one day!

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