Friday, February 29, 2008

Cardboard Tunnel

Cardboard. We use it for many things. It's a handy little product that has so many versatile uses...cereal boxes, shipping boxes, shoe boxes, cozies for my coffee...the list could be endless. But today I learned about a totally unique use of cardboard. You see, I've heard of furniture made of cardboard. I read once about a person who furnished his entire home out of furniture he made out of Macintosh computer boxes. I thought that was pretty creative, amazing...weird. However, today I got to see something that just knocked my socks off. Well, not really my socks, but we did have to take our shoes off.

We went to a local fun fair and they had a themed tunnel extravaganza made entirely out of cardboard! They took an entire gymnasium and turned it into a themed city. It was so big that they had knee pads for you to wear because all of the crawling. It had 6 different rooms that were big enough to stand in. In the rooms, there were actors who tried to convince you which route to take to continue through the maze. There were cardboard steps to higher levels and cardboard slides to lower levels. There were even secret passageways that could only be found by following the posted clues. For your comfort while making your way through, there were towers with fans at the top to circulate the air through the maze. You exited through a slide that brought you out of a lion's mouth by sliding down it's unfolding tongue.

It was literally amazing!

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