Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ok, I know this is dumb. I didn't know where the New England Patriots were from. Yes, I know they're from New England but that's several different states. We watched the Superbowl and I really had to figure it out. Google is my taught me that the New England Patriots are from Foxborough, Massachusetts. So, this isn't the most interesting thing I've ever learned but hey, it's something!

In other football news, we had the baby all set for the game in his Bears outfit only for him to have a poop explosion in it. We changed him into another Bears colored outfit and he was asleep for most of the game. I guess he wasn't interested. Yes, I know the Bears weren't playing but you can always hope.
Our daughter, on the other hand was very interested in the game. Since having kids, we don't watch much of the regular season or playoffs, just the Superbowl so she hasn't seen much football. She was full of questions. We even got out the old photo albums and showed her pictures of Daddy playing football in high school and college. She thought that was great. When one of the players was injured, we had to turn off the TV and pray for him. I tell you, she's got such a compassionate spirit! She loved the fact that we ate in front of the TV - a rarity at our house. By the second quarter, she was tired of sitting and got out her guitar. So we watched the Superbowl serenated by 3 year old guitar playing. Great fun!

By the way, I also learned that Blogger is having spell check trouble. My spell check hasn't worked for days and I just finally clicked the help button and found out that this is a universal problem that they are working on fixing. Sorry for any misspellings.

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