Friday, February 22, 2008

Learning through a Friend

A friend of mine traveled to Israel and just returned this week. I have really enjoyed hearing her talk of the places she visited. It's one of those things that you read about, you learn in school, you hear about on TV, but you never learn about firsthand. I've learned so many things about the historical places as she has described her trip. The things I have learned are not things that you could learn from a textbook. They are things that you can only learn by listening to someone tell the account of their own personal experience. Instead of rote learning, this is experiential learning and I am learning through her experience. I've learned of places I would like to visit, others that I would like to avoid, tricks for making the sightseeing more enjoyable, and tips for how to travel internationally with little ones.
Today, I learned something that I had never heard before as I was speaking with her about the trip. The Muslim calls to prayer are broadcast over loudspeaker within the city of Jerusalem. They are loud enough to wake one from their sleep. I was fascinated when I learned this. It is something that I can't even imagine happening in my town. People would be livid about the inconvenience it would be to their daily lives. I would be curious the learn about how the community as a whole feels about this. I googled it and wasn't able to find much info but I think I will look into it curiosity is getting the better of me.

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