Friday, February 15, 2008

Cozy Fire

We have a fireplace at our house. We love having fires but it is so much work...the logsplitting, building the fire, going through match after match to get it to light. Then, you have to keep repeating that process to keep a good fire going. A lot of work but worth it to have a cozy fire.
Well, our hotel has a fireplace and they recommend that we use a Duralog that they provide. We used it tonight. It was amazingly easy to use! You don't even have to unwrap it. You just put the whole thing on the grate, wrapper and all, and light it. I was a little worried and wondered how well it would work. It burned for three hours after just one match was used to light it.

I was leery about how healthy it actually was and learned that it is actually more environmentally friendly. It uses 80% fewer resources than wood. 75% less carbon monoxide emissions. 90% less hazardous air pollutants emitted. Wow...we'll probably use them again!

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