Thursday, February 7, 2008

Everything tastes better with bacon

Last week, I tried making a baked potato chowder following this recipe (scroll down). It tasted great and my family really enjoyed it. It was thick, warm, hearty winter soup. The kind of soup that just warms the whole body. I only had one complaint about it...the bacon was mushy. I have big issues when it comes to the texture of my food. My husband suggested that I just hold off on putting the bacon in until the end. I'm not one for experimenting much with recipes. If it says to do it one way, I obey. I don't wander far off of the recipe path. He, on the other hand, looks at recipes for inspiration. His dish may be inspired by a recipe but the finished product is nothing like the original recipe at all. In most cases he makes it so much better. He just knows how to make ingredients work together. I don't. I am lacking in this department. I have many food disaster stories. But today, I found a recipe for bean and bacon soup here. It suggests holding off the bacon until the end. I guess I might as well try it!

So, what did I learn? I could say that I learned about a new recipe but the truth is this...I learned that I shouldn't doubt his cooking instincts. They are far better than my own!

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