Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cherishing the Moments

Today, we said goodbye to Nana. We've been trying to explain this all week to our daughter. She knows that she is in heaven and that she will not be able to see her anymore, but she definitely doesn't understand the finality of Nana's death.

Tonight we were talking with her about it once again. Checking to see if she understands what has happened and if she has any questions. We started talking about how, in heaven, Nana doesn't need to use her walker or her oxygen anymore. She is able to walk and breath without any trouble. We explained that Nana used to love dancing and that she's probably dancing in heaven right now. Our daughter was so excited about this. Her joy over the fact that Nana is dancing in heaven was such a blessing to see. We told her that when she gets to heaven they will be able to dance together. She was so happy about this. She asked how she would get to heaven and we told her that the angels would take her there. She just wanted to know one other thing..."Could I bring Pink Doggy with me?" We told her that would probably be OK and she responded by saying, "I'll hold Pink Doggy in one hand and I'll hold the angel's hand in the other." She ended by saying, "I love Jesus SO much!" I was so happy to hear her say all this and filled with joy at her delighting in Nana's dancing. But the visual image that she created for me of the angel holding her tiny little hand and taking her to heaven with her beloved Pink Doggy clutched in her hand was more than I could take. It just created too strong of a visual image for me.

Her little lesson for me tonight was for me to not take anything for granted. Nana had a full life but a young life is just as easy to lose. I'll not focus on the fear that this thought brings me instead I'll focus on the lesson to learn from it. Love. Hug. Cherish. Kiss. Enjoy. Embrace. Those are my lessons for tonight.

Goodbye, Nana. Enjoy the dancing.

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