Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today, I learned that blowing up and entire package of balloons can make one quite dizzy.

Today, I learned that my 3 year old daughter's definition of a Daddy is "He takes care of us."

Today, I learned that her favorite thing to do with Daddy is "Playing with him and loving him and hugging and kissing him and cuddling with each other, too!"

Today, I learned that the baby loves balloons. We had balloons all over the house and each time he saw one, his face would light up! They would captivate him and it was hard to divert his attention away from the bright colorful orbs.

Today, I learned that cupcakes taste better than cake (at least to the girl). Why? The 3 year old declares that cupcakes are not only "yummier;" they are also "much, much cuter." The cute factor raises with the addition of sprinkles which are a total necessity in her mind!

A day filled with balloons, presents for Daddy, and cupcakes with sprinkles.

Happy Birthday, you-know-who, we love you!

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