Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Tender Heart

Today I learned a little about how much love and compassion my daughter possesses. For being only three years old, she amazes me with the tender heart that she has.

Last year, I was given a bird figurine from my secret sister at church. Kailyn adores this little bird. I allow her to play with it and use it as a "teachable moment" about being careful with fragile items. She has been so careful with this little bird. She calls it "Baby Bird." She walks around with it gently cupped in her hands. She strokes it's wings ever so carefully. Just yesterday she decided that it need needed a nest and she built a nest for it using a doll wagon and some or her blankies. She had to have the "nest" beside her bed last night so that her and Baby Bird could be together. This was after a compromise since she wanted Baby Bird in bed with her! This morning she decided that Baby Bird needed a Mommy and Daddy. We got out her bag of bird books and toys and she found two suitable soft play birds to serve as Baby Bird's parents.

Then, the unthinkable happened. While bringing Baby Bird into the kitchen to have breakfast with her, she lost hold of him. Baby Bird slipped from her hand and crashed onto the hard kitchen floor. Baby Bird lost a toe and a beak in the fall. We were all devestated! There were many tears in our house. Kailyn truly was heartbroken. After much cuddling and hugging, she went off to play without Baby Bird. A few minutes later, we heard her crying in her room. We ran to see what was wrong and she was inconsolable. When she was finally able to talk, she told us that she was sad because Baby Bird's Mommy and Daddy didn't have any baby anymore! Be still my heart! I was nearly in tears myself. She was heartbroken not because she lost the bird but that his Mommy and Daddy lost their baby! Sniff. Sniff. We rescued Baby Bird from the kitchen counter where he was awaiting Super Glue and we reuinited him with his parents. Everyone was happy once again. Whew!

Here's Baby Bird showing off his broken beak and toe...

Totally unrelated to the bird story but on the theme of my compassionate, tender-hearted daughter...I have another story. This evening, I felt yucky. My stomach hurt and I felt nauseous. I laid down on the couch for a while. My daughter brought some toys into the living room to play with on the floor in front of me. As she was playing, she looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, do you need some lovin'?" You don't have to ask me twice! I replied affirmatively and as she crawled up on the couch with me she informed me that some lovin' would make me feel better. It did. Thanks, sweety!

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