Tuesday, February 12, 2008


When my husband was a child, he was a boyscout. Pretty typical American boy, eh? Well, he didn't last for long. He only made it through his first badge. Guess what that badge was called? Tenderfoot. He doesn't remember what the badge was for or how he got it. But, I learned about this badge years ago and I have teased him about it ever since. I just think that that is so funny! Hehe...tenderfoot! Today I had to tease him again. Which leads me to explaining what I learned today.
I learned that water is very dangerous for my husband's feet. For the third time in one year, he ended up with bandaged feet simply from swimming. Last winter we went to Mount Olympus water park and he cut his foot on the pool stairs while getting out of a tube. Last summer, he cut his foot on a shell while getting off of a jet ski. Today, we were at the same water park as last year, in the same section of the pool. He and our daughter came down the water slide. He tried to keep her head above water and to accomplish this, he tried to stand up before the momentum of the water slide had subsided. His foot raked across the bottom of the pool and for the third time this year, bloody foot! I couldn't believe it had happened again. We were having such fun and that definitely cut his fun short...poor hubby!

Here's one of the lifeguards patching him up...

So, what did I learn from this? I learned that water is dangerous for his feet. I learned that water shoes are a good investment. Finally, I learned that he truly deserved that boyscout badge. I am not longer joking when I call him a tenderfoot...he truly is just that!

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  1. I worked really hard for my Tenderfoot badge. It's pretty sad that your husband can't remember what it's for. It's the beginning of manhood. It's the fine line between child and man. Be sure to provide much care for your husband. He sounds like an awesome guy.