Friday, February 8, 2008

Through a Child's Eye

We gave my daughter a Little Tykes camera for Christmas. She loves it! She uses it all the time. It doesn't take the greatest quality of pictures but she has so much fun with it anyways. It holds 1000 pictures so we hadn't downloaded the pictures until today. I had a blast looking through the pictures. I felt as if I got a glimpse into the world as my daughter sees it. Her persective, her choice of shots all were like a tiny window opening up into her world.

Take a look...

Artwork on her easel

Drinks on the table

A favorite toy

Her favorite character

Her bookbag

Fire hydrant

A tree

Nature walk

Butterfly on the window/ Snow outside

The camera cord


And my favorite, a self portrait...

It's fun to learn about the world through someone else's eyes. It's particularly grand when the perspective is that of the most important little girl in my world.

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