Sunday, February 24, 2008


While reading USA Weekend today, I learned something. There was an article titled "5 proven food remedies. Here's the five foods and what they do for your health...cranberries help urinary tract infections, oatmeal lowers cholesteral, soybeans help hot flashes, legumes cut the risk for diabetes and fish oil protects against brain damage. The fish oil fascinated me the most since we have a family history of demensia and Alzheimer's. Here are two quotes that were particularly interesting to me...
  • " fish oil, especially in its DHA component, protects brain cells."
  • "Eaters of fatty fish are less apt to get Alzheimer's."

Looks like I'll be eating a lot of salmon!

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  1. This is an interesting post.

    I have heard about all of these foods being of importance to our diet. The one that I try to focus on is the Omega 3s. I really think that this is an important "food". This is the one supplement that I am willing to dole out the money. I have decided that taking viatmin supplements are not as important thus are lower on my level of priorities. Actually, I want to focus on Isaiah with this supplement. Hmm..better open open my new supplements. I usually use Nordic Naturals for Omega 3s.

    Also, I have heard good things about Omega 3s in regards to Depressions...see my blog.

    It is interesting to know about the relation to Alzheimer's. My Grandma had Alzheimer's. I will let my Mom know.

    I have friends at work (going through menopause) who swear by soybeans. They eat a lot of soybeans and even tofu.
    One friend makes a mixture of legumes,soybeans and tofu. It looks interesting. I have never tasted it but maybe I should obtain her recipe for future use.