Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today, I was going grocery shopping and I wanted to make Guacamole. My hubby loves it and I have come to really like it myself. (It's been a long road to get over being so doggone picky!) Well, the grocery store only had VERY hard guacamoles...the kind that teach you patience. Today, I didn't have patience. I figured that with my determination and the help of my food processor, the avocados would surrender to my will and become mushy. They did not. I was terribly mistaken. After fighting with one avocado for much too long just getting the peel off and digging out the pit, I placed it in the food processor. What I got looked like uncooked couscous. So-o-o-o, we did not have guacamole tonight. I learned that I need to have more patience and that unripened avocados do NOT work for making guacamole. Duh!

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