Thursday, June 26, 2008

Country Pie

Today I made a really easy dinner. I pulled out an old copy of Kraft Food & Family magazine. It's the Holiday 2004 issue. In it, I found a recipe for Country Pie. It only has four ingredients...that's my style! The only modification I made to the menu was that I used shredded Cheddar Cheese instead of Velveeta. We don't really like the flavor of it and I think it's rather expensive. I'd rather spend the money on real cheese. Anyways, it was very easy to make and all four of us enjoyed the meal. Since it's Thursday, we had dance class tonight followed by eating outdoors at the picnic area next to her dance class. I packed up the meal and brought it with us. Afterwards, it made a really easy meal to eat picnic style and it sure beats PB&J sandwiches. I would definitely recommend this recipe!

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