Saturday, June 7, 2008

Peonies and Parties

The Baby Boy had his 1st birthday party today. Before we left, we saw that the ants had come marching in...literally. Our peonies were covered in ants.

My mom and my grandmother always told me that the ants were necessary for the flowers to bloom. Today I learned that this is just an Old Wives Tale. The ants are NOT needed to open the blossom into a flower. They are there to eat the nectar that the peony blossoms produce. So, the ants are just there to eat a sweet treat and with or without them we still get flowers...sweet!

So, today we celebrated the 1 year milestone for my baby with family and friends. The ants came marching in and the Peonies came out to celebrate the boy. That made me smile! The great thing is that this is only the start of their beauty. Those blossoms mean that there will be plenty more beautiful Peonies yet to come!

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