Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

After church today, the kids took their Daddy out to lunch for Father's Day. We had a yummy time at one of his favorite restaurants (he has several!). We made what was supposed to be a quick stop at the grocery store. I say "supposed to be quick" because it actually took a very long time. It entailed my daughter and I trying to find our way out of the store by trying to jump over an ocean of spilt wine. (long story) We eventually came home and he opened gifts, ate chocolate chip cookies and then, we sent the kids to bed for their naps. It was imperative that the kids get their naps because the big event was this evening...

My hubby loves guitars. He not only enjoys playing them himself, he is inspired by other guitarists as well. He has his favorites... Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and others. But tonight we were taking him to see someone that he had never heard of. We were taking him to see Tallan Latz. Tallan, or T-man as he is called, is one of the world's youngest Blues guitar players. I had never heard of him before but when I heard about the concert, I knew it would be right up my hubby's alley. I contacted the wife of one of his guitar playing buddies and we went to the show with their family. It was great fun!

We enjoyed the show immensely. That boy is talented! For an 8 year old, he sure does have stage presence. Before the show and during breaks between sets, he would mingle with the crowd and play around just like any other 8 year old but the moment he stepped onto the stage and began playing his guitar, he would light up. He would jump around the stage and perform all sorts of fancy guitar moves. He even played the guitar behind his back!

The kids even got to meet T-man and get his autograph. Both kids were fascinated. The 3 year old thought it was really cool that he was a kid playing on the stage...not just watching. The 1 year old just kept watching the stage. He was enthralled with the music.

Ah, it was a great Father's Day! Good fun, good food, and good company.

Above is a picture of how the sky looked after the was beautiful!!!

Happy Father's Day, Honey! Our kids are so blessed to have you as their Daddy and I'm doubly blessed to share this parenting journey with you and to be your wife. We sure do love you!

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