Monday, June 16, 2008

Impromptu Farm Visit

Today we went to a heritage farm that is owned by a forest preserve. The farm is no longer used as a working farm it is purely educational. We know the family who donated it to the forest preserve so it was a really interesting stop to me. Having grown up in rural Midwest farmland, it was like strolling down memory lane.

The place was a ghost town with literally not a soul there. However, that was kinda nice for us...peaceful, quiet, and all ours for the afternoon.

I didn't really get the point of some of the displays. Some of them were historical, some of them were informational, but others were just whimsical and a bit silly.

While some of the things we saw, did not make sense to me, the kids love it. So, I guess the curators must know something about their audience.

The place was full of metal large sculptures. Both children loved these and they made gorgeous silhouettes against the cloudy sky.

The kids favorite part was the chickens. They LOVED sitting on the eggs like a real hen. We had fun "hatching" our baby from his egg.

There was a large field of clover. This gave me a great place to feed the baby while his big sister picked clover. Then, we all had to be adorned with the clover...even the baby brother...

The absolute favorite of the day was "driving" the real tractor. Both kiddos LOVED it!

We definitely will be going back. Farmland is quickly fading from where we live. Where isn't it fading, honestly? So, to have a place to take my kids and teach them about our agricultural heritage is fantastic.

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  1. We have lived at Impromptu Farm in Hollis New Hampshire for 40 years.
    Barbara and Martin