Friday, June 27, 2008

Boom Box

Drum roll, please...

...the Baby Boy's birthday present is finally done!

We weren't sure that he would know what to do with it but he started playing his boom box before he even had the paper off! As soon as he tore through the paper and saw the guitar strings, he started strumming away! Whoo-hoo!

As he tore through the paper, he would stop and examine all the noise makers. He loved the drumstick. It is just the right size for his little hands. He is using it to bang on the box like a pro!

I am really proud of how this turned out. My husband did such and excellent job! Here are more pictures of each of the sides of the finished product...

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy! Enjoy banging on your boom box and filling our home with your bangs of joy!!! I love you little buddy!


  1. This is one very cool gift. I am so impressed with your dh - he did a fabulous job! I am sure baby will love this gift for a very long time. Not only that, I am sure this is something that can be kept for baby's babies...that is if you are willing to hang on to it for a long while (I am sure you are willing... smile...)

  2. Oh, yes! I am absolutely willing to hang on to this for the grandbabies. That is, if my little one doesn't beat it to shreds first!

    I'll be sure to share your comment with my hubby. Thanks.