Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sewing Darts

After all the crafting that was done for the baby's 1st birthday, I vowed that I would not do any crafts this week. None. No freezer paper. No sewing. No scrapbooking. None. It has been a flurry of creative projects around here and other things have been neglected. Mainly laundry. So, I decided that I would catch up on housework and perhaps get to some organizing that I have been wanting/needing to get done...closets, cupboard, crawlspace, laundry room, etc.
Confession time.
I sew today. Not much, but I did use the sewing machine. The three year old's new pair of shorts were too big and she was very distraught over this fact. Out of necessity (really, it was necessity), I sewed two darts into her shorts. I really have no idea how to do this. I have never done it before and I'm sure I did it wrong. But, I did it. She tried them on and they fit perfectly. The first time! Success!
Now back to my vow of no crafts.

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