Monday, June 9, 2008

Uniting My Address Books

I know that this post is nothing to write home about but hey, it's what I learned today!

I was working on thank you notes for the love that the baby received in honor of his 1st birthday. I was looking up an address on the white pages online. I noticed a button on the page that allows you to save the address to Outlook. It takes the address of your contact and saves it in you Outlook address book. I was able to get my house addresses and email addresses together in one place. This is big for me. I have been living with the info in separate locations and it is a pain in the rear. I've just been too busy (or lazy) to get the two pieces of information together. Now they are and it feels good. Check that off my to-do list!

So, today I proved that learning something new everyday isn't interesting. But, it is useful!

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