Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ready, Set, MOW!

Today I learned about the US Lawn Mower Racing Association. Yep, I know it's weird, but it was really fun. After going swimming this morning, we headed over to the races to see what it was all about. Our kids loved it!

The drivers start on one side of the track and the lawn mowers are on the other. The announcer shouts, "Ready, set, MOW!" Then, the drivers run to their mowers and get them going. Boy, is that noisy! Imagine how loud it is with one mower mowing your lawn. Now, imagine the sound of you and ten of your neighbors mowing at the same time. It is NOISY!!!

The orange mower, number 524, was our daughter's favorite. She cheered for him as he sped around the track. He didn't win but it was fun cheering for him.

The announcer arrived in this green mower. His helmet was decked out with a green mohawk and when he removed the helmet, he actually had a green mohawk for his real hair-do! It was hard for the kiddo to figure out how the hair went from his head through his helmet. She was fascinated!

It was a beautiful day. However, the only bad part was the heat. It was very HOT today. The sun was brutal. Since we had just been swimming, we had the kids' towels with us. My hubby took the baby's hooded towel and used it to cover his head. Ya know, he's gotta protect that balding head!

If you ever have the chance to see lawn mower races, go! It's weird, it's quirky, it's noisy but, despite all that, it's just plain silly fun!

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