Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bias Tape

I want to make some bunting for my son's room. I was inspired by this post. I've already cut out all of the triangles but now I need to attach them together. Actually, they have been cut out for over a month but I just haven't had the opportunity to get to the fabric store.

That's my pathetic stack of lonely triangles...I think I need another green fabric...Hmmm.

I read about how to make your own bias tape but with two kiddos and trying to get crafting done while they are sleeping, I don't think that's gonna happen! I'd rather be playing with them while they're awake.

Anyhow, today we were at Walmart and I decided to pick up some bias tape. Oi, was I confused! I couldn't figure out which kind I needed. I asked a store employee for help and took her advice. (note to self: Walmart workers do not have the same knowledge as real fabric store employees!) I got home and was so excited to get started. Not today...I have the wrong stuff. So, today I learned the difference between single fold bias tape and double fold bias tape.

Perhaps next time I should learn something before I head out to the store and make a purchase!!!

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