Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He's crawling

Yep, today I learned that the little guy can crawl. Oi! The things he'll be getting into! He is so inquisitive. He loves to investigate. I thought the rolling was just got worse! He's so cute though. He pushes himself up to his hands and knees and just kinda rocks back and forth. Then, he gets a sneaky little look in his eyes and seconds later, he starts a movin'. He's still trying to master the whole crawling thing. Currently it's a mix of true crawling and army crawling mixed with periodic stops where he raises onto his toes while keeping his hands on the ground in front of him. It's kinda like a push up with his little heiney stuck way up in the air...pretty much like how his momma does a push up!

I tried to post a video of it but it just didn't work. I've been sitting here for the last 40 minutes waiting for it to load and then, Blogger kicked me out!

Tonight, while I was at a meeting, he crawled over to the stairs and pulled himself up! I didn't see it for myself but Daddy and Sister saw it. Then, when I got home, I was nursing him and he turned away and looked at Daddy. When he saw him, he said, "Da-a-a-a...Dee." No kidding! It was as clear as day! My mind says, "Surely he did not just say Daddy." But, it sure did sound like it and he said it as he turned at looked right at him. Probably just coincidence but I have to say it was pretty cool! Of course, Daddy's heart just melted!

I guess the little guy knew that I had had a bad day yesterday and he thought that hitting a few milestones might cheer me up. Well, it did. I learned through yesterday's experience that I need to focus on the things that truly matter and will ultimately last. That would be my family.

Yeesh! My baby is growing up all together too fast! Crawling, pulling up, and first word all in one day...slow down kiddo!

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