Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Check-up Time!

My son had his 9 month check-up on Saturday. Pretty normal stuff. We had to have blood drawn to check for anemia and lead. We were pretty unconcerned about both tests. The nurse called today with the results... both anemia and lead are fine. But, he is fighting off a viral issue! The blood work told us that. He has been irritable and cranky and we just thought it had to do with the time change or teething (doc says 4 more are on their way!). It took a blood test for me to learn that my kiddo is fighting a sickness. That's doggone fascinating to me. A few drops of blood can tell me something that I don't know and I'm right here with him! So, he got lots of cuddling today (like he doesn't get tons anyways). All day today, I kept telling him, "Fight 'em off Little Guy! Crush those yucky germs!" Then, I would talk to the germs, "Germies, get outta him. He's a tough little booger and he's gonna kick you out!" It made him laugh and the 3 year old thought it was pretty funny hearing Mommy talking to the germs.
By the way, the picture was taken shortly after we arrived home from the doctor's office. He crawled over to visit the cat who was sitting just outside our sliding door. He couldn't figure out why he couldn't pet the kitty...but he kept right on trying. He doesn't look like a kid who's fighting of some viral yuckies, does he?

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