Friday, March 14, 2008

Street View

Have you ever used Google Maps? I haven't used them much but today my husband showed me something pretty freaky. Go to and then type in your address. After your map comes up click on "Street View." At this point, if you live in one of the areas where it's available, you get to see an actual photo of your home. Seriously, a real photo! You can use one of the tools to drive up and down the street and an another tool to turn and look around in a full circle. It's a panoramic image taken from the middle of the street. I tried to find information on how they accomplish this and I found out that they are taken from a car that is fitted with an eleven lens camera capable of taking full, high-resolution video while driving along city streets. More information on how it works here. Pretty darn freaky!

The picture above is a view from our front yard this evening...not the street view but the lookin' up view!

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